Container Car Shipping Overseas

Just as you need to move your furniture safely when you perhaps move to a new place, you just might feel the need to take your car with you as well. With new technology, container car shipping overseas is no longer an impractical option.

Moving to a new country would present a bundle of new and alien experiences. Having your car might seem like moving around in a piece of home – it could present an inside-out view on the situation. Alternatively, container car shipping overseas is quite useful if you are a businessman who frequents overseas trips. Having your own car around at all times will make your stay more efficient and definitely more convenient.


If you fall into any of these categories and are looking for container car shipping overseas, then it would be wise for you to be familiar with the route and the methods that your car would go through before it finds its way back to you. Container car shipping overseas will deliver your car to you without any damages and on time. Ideally, the entire container car shipping overseas process can take up to two-four weeks at a time.

There are typically two methods of container car shipping overseas. The first is the “shared” container service where cars are consolidated at an export warehouse, packed 3-4 cars into the ocean container, and then simply unloaded from the container by the agent at the destination. The second container car shipping overseas method is the “exclusive” method. If you own an expensive car that you want should be packaged and shipped in a private container, this method is for you. This method also ensures that your car is safely enclosed and secured and that no one but a professional driver (who would load it onto the container and into the transportation) has access to it.