International Boat Shipping Services

At International Shipping Services, you are guaranteed a professional, efficient, safe and effective boat shipping service. Having served hundreds of satisfied customers, we are the leaders in this area of transportation. We offer our services from all across United States to over the whole world, you can submit any order you like with our company and we will do our utmost to deliver on the service you require.

+ Found your dream boat on eBay in USA or from a USA-based boat dealer?
+ Do you need a reliable, secure and affordable international boat shipping company you can trust to ship your new boat or yacht from the USA?
+ Our company has sent all types of boats overseas. From small powerboats to large yachts, from canoes to speedboats – look no further than International Shipping Services for international boat transport.

Whether you are interested in Flat-Rack, Standard Container shipping or Roll-on Roll-off – we will make certain your boat arrives to your new destination without a scratch.

boat on flatrack container usa

  • Roll-on/Roll-off (also called RO/RO)
    Your boat remains on a trailer or cradle (either your own or the carrier’s) for the whole voyage. This is the most used method in international boat shipping. Since the shipping price is based on the total size of your boat – make sure to reduce the overall height and volume of your boat. You can remove or lower booms, antennas, and radar towers. This will help to reduce costs as the vessel operators will normally measure the overall size including the trailer. We can transport boats on trailers or build customized cradles for overseas transfer.
  • Ocean Freight (inside shipping container)
    Depending on make and model, some of the boats can be packed inside the 40′ high cube containers – thus saving on shipping costs to most destinations. Up to 25 foot cabin cruisers and 30′ sport boats can be loaded at an angle on custom built frame into containers, while narrow-beam boats can be packed straight in.
  • Flat Rack
    Typically used for oversized and bulky boats. A boat is sitting on its own custom cradle, secured into the flat rack, and then loaded onto the container vessel. Again, it is recommended to remove bulking items that can save you hundreds of dollars on your freight cost.

Costs and timing will vary among these options and worth exploring every time a boat is shipped overseas. Once you provide the length, width (beam) and height of the vessel you’re about to purchase, we can provide you with accurate quote to determine the best option for you. Shipping costs typically cover loading, freight, port handling, and if required additional crane fees (applicable for water deliveries).