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International Equipment Shipping Services Many buyers from overseas purchase used high & heavy construction equipment in the USA through several equipment auctions. Many excavators, bull-dozers, wheel-loaders, fork-lifts, road pavers and scrapers and other equipments are sold weekly on sites such as Ritchie Brothers, Iron Planet, Machinery Trader or many others. But buying the desired equipment in USA is only the first step of the import – export process. Shipping your construction equipment from USA to countries overseas may get very challenging if you’re trying to do it on your own. Our Company has the required experience and knowledge as we specialize in the exportation of heavy construction, industrial and farm equipment from the United States to most destinations overseas. There are a few methods of transporting high & heavy equipment from USA to countries worldwide. Due to the size and weight of these machines – ocean vessels are employed. Because of the weight and size of the heavy equipment – international equipment shipping service is a specialized task. When you approach our company for the shipping rates – make sure to have ready the full details of your shipment: + Year, Make and Model + Full dimensions Length x Width x Height and Weight + Origin in USA and Destination overseas We require to have accurate cargo dimensions to be able to provide the most affordable and economical equipment shipping quotes. International transport quotes for oversized machinery are based on the weight and the measure (volume) of the machine, so this informational will be vital in determining the total overseas shipping costs. When you search for international heavy equipment shipping, you’ll need to consider 3 available options: 1. The best and most commonly used option is Roll-on / Roll-off equipment shipping service. This method of transporting heavy equipment internationally is quite simple. Most bulldozers, cranes, excavators, etc. are too large to fit inside a standard ocean container, Therefore, the easiest way to ship them is to use ro/ro service, where the equipment and machines are simply driven or towed onto a Ro/Ro vessel and safely secured inside. Our company is using numerous ro/ro vessel operators and we’re able to offer services from many export ports in USA to various destinations around the globe. 2. If Ro-Ro service is not available to your destination then the next best thing is to use a Flat-Rack Container, which is basically a metal platform without any walls or a roof. By securing your equipment onto the flat-rack – we’re able to ship it onthe deck of the container carrier vessels. It is important to let the loading done by a professional warehouse that is experienced in loading flat-racks. 3. Other customers may opt to load their heavy equipment and machines inside the regular 40′ high cube containers. However, with this option, the equipment will need to be partially dismantled into smaller pieces so that they can all fit inside the container. This can be done by a professional export packing warehouse. Remember, that there…
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