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International Container Shipping Services International container shipping covers 90% of the world’s non-bulk cargo. Typically shipped on transport ships, container shipping is a cost-effective solution for businesses in need of international ocean freight solutions. The capability to ship large volume of goods at once allows our International Shipping Company to offer container shipping services to manufacturers, exporters, traders and even private individuals. With standard container sizes and a highly efficient method of handling shipments, container shippers can save businesses time and money in transporting products worldwide. International Shipping Services can move: + commercial cargo of any kind + vehicles and boats + chemicals + furniture + fragile items + household goods + many other products. The first thing you need to learn is that in international container shipping, weight is not as much of a factor as volume and the type of product. Because of this, it will be your responsibility to estimate the volume of goods you will be shipping and disclose the exact description of your product to your container freight company. International container shipping may vary in price from one company to another because of the difference in the service requested and special needs of the customers. One of the best ways of finding the most affordable service provider is by requesting detailed Shipping Quotes. International container shipping has certain requirements to be followed. Each country has their own set of rules that regulates the products being exported from and imported to individual country. There are also different documents required for international container shipping. For example, a commercial invoice and a packing list must be presented. This is a detailed description of the merchandise for international container shipping. The invoice for international container shipping is enumerated in item and total value. Some countries require a specialized invoice translated into the language of the buyer and legalized by the Chamber of Commerce.