International Truck & Bus Shipping Services

International truck shipping companies can be employed for a variety of uses. You may need to ship your commercial truck, school bus or other heavy vehicle from USA to other country for a construction project; or you have purchased a new or used truck in USA and need to bring it to your home country. If you are thinking about hiring one of these companies to ship your vehicle, take the time to give our international truck shipping company a call for a quote. You may be surprised at how affordable and useful we can be to your business or even personal needs.

  • Roll-on roll-off (RO/RO) is the easiest way to move your commercial truck or bus from USA to countries overseas. Many truck manufacturers use RO RO for International Truck Shipping. We simply drive your truck onto the vessel for international shipment. Once on the vessel, your truck is tied down for safety during the ocean transit. At the destination, your truck is driven off the carrier by the port workers. We know that RORO International Truck Transport is the best and most of the times the cheapest way to move your trucks overseas.

International Truck Shipping Services

  • Another way to do International Truck Shipping is in an ocean container or flat-rack. Your truck or bus will be secured during the entire shipping process by one of our export packing warehouses. In some cases we may need to partially disassemble the truck to make it fit inside the container. One benefit of shipping your truck in a container is that you can load other parts and items in the container along with the vehicle. Normally, the container vessels depart to and from all the major ports with regularity. This enables our company to deliver your truck to practically any port around the globe.
  • You need to remember that each country has different laws and regulations for international truck shipping, so you need a company that knows how to handle all arrangements properly. We take every shipment seriously, and every international shipment is different depending on the customer’s needs. We use our experience in international truck shipping to get your trucks or buses where you need them to go.
  • Our international truck shipping services can manage your export documents, pick up from the seller, container loading, ocean freight and any other process required for international truck shipping. Our service can handle any truck type plus we also ship buses and any other heavy and oversized vehicles.