Roll-on Roll-off Motorcycle Shipping

Roll-on Roll-off – the term is extensively used in the worldwide shipping industry. This means shipping of cargos with wheels. Motorcycles along with other type of wheeled vehicles like cars, trucks, trailers are driven on and off the cargo ship.


Please, see below for US and International customs regulation at a brief for the roll-on roll-off motorcycle shipping process.

+ The roll-on roll-off motorcycle shipping along with other smaller motor vehicles like jet skies, cars, etc are not allowed to be shipped as LCL Cargo. The reason behind is, that the US Customs Authority does not recognize any other ocean carrier company’s warehouse to be a suitable exam site for customs inspection.
+ Original Title and 3 non-notarized copies of the title should be presented to the US Customs authority in the time of roll-on roll-off motorcycle shipping.
+ The motorcycle owner will not be allowed to accompany his own vehicle with roll-on roll-off motorcycle shipping. The owner needs to authorize a customs clearing agent or some such body for release of the vehicle at the port of departure.
+ The title must be presented to the destination port authority for a roll-on roll-off motorcycle shipping. If the motorcycle was sold to the importer (not to confuse with individual carrying his vehicle to a foreign country) then an Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading and any other documents necessary should be presented to the customs.
+ Destination port customs authority might require PSI (Pre-shipment inspection) certificate and/or country of origin certificate. If not presented with such, the owner can be fined with high duties and taxes.
+ If the roll-on roll-off motorcycle shipping is done in a freight container then the container is required to be locked and sealed. Presence of a customs officer is mandatory during this process.
+ With roll-on roll-off motorcycle shipping vehicles must be filled with gas not more than half the tank. Recommended level is one fourth of a tank. All keys must accompany the vehicle.