Motorcycle Shipping in Container

According to US Customs regulations, smaller motor vehicles such as motorcycle (also motor bikes and jet skies) should be FCL cargo in the time of motorcycle shipping in container. Container door is required to be locked and sealed under a monitoring customs officer.

international motorcycle transport

The motorcycle in container is recommended to have the tank one fourth filled with gas. All keys must go with the motorcycle shipping container. No keys are allowed inside the vehicle. All sorts of liquids must be drained and the risk of any fume from the gas tank must be eliminated through proper inspection. Any loose cables must be secured and the battery must be disconnected. The motorcycle should be in a running condition. If not necessary charges for moving and towing will be charged to the consignee and proper safety measures should taken as per standard while motorcycle shipping in container.

The motorcycle must be empty except for the equipments already installed by the manufacturer. Presence of any illegal or smuggling item in a hidden chamber will be subjected to adjacent law and therefore is punishable. If the motorcycle happens to have a storage place no additional item can be shipped using that space with motorcycle shipping in container. Also trying to ship motorcycle spare parts in the container along with motorcycle shipping in the container is not welcome. This is surely to cause trouble with the departure and destination port customs authorities.

The company providing the service of motorcycle shipping in container will calculate the shipping cost after measuring the cargo measurement in CBM (cubic meter). Other fees or taxes including port charge, import duty, storage charges, and surcharges will be charged to the importers account.