ATV Transport Abroad

When relocating to a foreign county one will surely pack and take the ATV transport abroad with you. Here is a simple to do list on how to do it with precision and safety.

ship atv in container

1. It is recommended to hire professional help while loading an ATV (to transport abroad) in the container. Expert loaders use a “soft tie” approach which avoids any possible damage or scratch to the vehicle. It is at the same time makes it unmovable during the ATV transport abroad.
2. Scan through the internet for finding the best company who will provide the service to transport your ATV abroad. Be sure to shop for quotes in order to save some money.
3. Check out the insurance policy for the company transporting your ATV abroad. Ask the formalities on how to place a claim if needed.
4. One should consider using a lift for safe loading and then offloading.
5. The gas tank should be 1/4 full. All other liquids should be drained. Batteries should be disconnected.
6. There should not be any keys inside the ATV. All types of keys must be given to the company providing the support of ATV transport above.
7. In the case of shipping additional spare parts with the ATV being transported abroad, one must declare it in the packing list/manifesto and clear the duties charges applicable.
8. Check with the destination country’s department of transport on regulations or restrictions towards an ATV.
9. One should give the title document and the vehicle details to the transporter company shipping engaged in the ATV Transport abroad process.
10. Schedule the flight way before the ATV is transported abroad to the destination port in order to prepare in advance for the customs release procedure.