Ocean Container Shipping Rates

Ocean Container Shipping Rates depend on a number of factors. However, these factors revolve around the two main elements: the cost of the ocean freight, including the container rent, and the cost of loading, unloading and handling at the different ports.


Commonly imposed tariffs and ocean container shipping rates are divided as follows:

1. A lot of times, ocean container shipping rates are not as general and applicable to everything as they are thought to be. In fact, different cargo has different rates. Depending on the nature of the goods in the container – fragile goods, automobiles, aircraft, agricultural goods, chemicals and the like – different ocean container shipping rates apply.

2. Moreover, ocean container shipping rates also depend on the current situations at ports during loading and unloading time. In this case, costs are more spontaneous and uncontrolled. For example, if your shipment is to arrive at docks at a very busy hour, extra charges can apply. Similarly, ocean container shipping rates are higher around holiday seasons.

3. We must also take into account that overseas ocean container shipping rates would differ from your local rates. Likewise, exchange rates can also put a toll on your overall shipping cost. If your shipment is meant for a country with a lower standard of living, you could benefit – it would cost a lot less to receive than it did to send. At the same time, different international ports would have different laws and tariffs.

4. Another reason why ocean container shipping rates do not stay constant is because of the always present fluctuation in fuel prices. Transport is required every step of the way – not just the fuel for the actual ship. Road and rail is used to take the containers from your house, to the docks, and back on land to the intended destination. Hence, the recent rise in fuel prices cannot be ignored when calculating ocean container shipping rates.