International Container Shipping

We provide international container shipping facilitating a smooth handling of operations over a wide array of worldwide locations. Our international logistic services and professional representation for the export shipments from USA to other countries worldwide allows you to take full control of your international container shipping costs.

The service ranges from transactions for single shipment to a more comprehensive logistic network. We provide premium quality freight forwarding service to suite your individual tailored business requirements. To ensure safe freight and shipment navigation from docking station to the final destination, we provide computerized tracking systems for determining the optimum operational management and supply chain logistics.

lot's of cargo freight containers

We also offer you more personalized shipment services in terms of sealed container services to facilitate a safe movement of your international container shipping and provide a convenient freight wherever you want in the world. In order to minimize the costs we also provide wooden crates to reduce the weight and also low-cost service to customers who prefer self services. 20 feet and 40 feet containers can be arranged whereas the major ports can have a minimum size of 100 cubic feet. Containers measuring 20 feet long have the capacity for 850-1050 Cubic feet whereas 40 feet long containers can hold a total capacity of 1850 to 2200 cubic feet of freight. Packing kits and Crates are viable options for regulating costs.

Storage services can extend for a period of two weeks for freights measuring less than a container. this service is limited to some areas and locations. After picking the orders from the docking station, freight will be delivered straight away. We offer you up to 5 days to collect your shipment order and pay off the custom duties. However, this time will vary according to the shipment order so an overseas agent can be quite helpful for managing your international container shipping procedures.