Yacht Shipping Company

Sending your yacht by ocean relieves you of the expense on fuel and the wear and tear to a certain extend. For that you need to take the help of a yacht shipping company to have it reached the destination of your choice without any damage to it. Owning a yacht is a big dream. So to fulfill it is of course a laborious task. Since we are into this field of activity we would like to give you some tips.

yacht transport ocean

Please bear in your mind the below mentioned points before you select a yacht shipping company to get your yacht transported:

▪ Insurance: Make sure that your yacht transshipment is fully insured. This comprises the owner’s interest and the crews as well.
▪ Know your yacht space: You give the details of your yacht to your yacht shipping company such as the weight and the length of your yacht before it is shipped.
▪ Shrink wrap: This is another important factor to be considered while discussing with the yacht shipping company. It is good for the safety of your yacht for sure. Make sure that it is fully covered.
▪ Interiors of the yacht: make sure that all furniture inside the yacht is properly packed and no loose end is left unnoticed as it is being transported in a separate ship by another yacht shipping company.
▪ Lockers: Most of the yacht shipping companies do keep a list of prohibited items by customs while shipping a yacht. So make sure that your yacht does not carry any arms, ammunition, chemicals, frozen food and inflammatory fuels items during transit. If so, please, empty all those stuff before you ship it with a yacht shipping company.
▪ Light in weight: Make sure that your yacht is fully emptied off the fuel part or any substance that carry weight before you give it for shipping with a yacht shipping company.
▪ Reputation of your yacht shipping company: This the most important point while selecting the right yacht shipping company. Ask questions on how long they have been in this service, how they load and unload your yacht at your choice, and of course some other specifications in this regard.
▪ Price and Insurance part: Since it is your own property, you have absolute right to bargain with the yacht shipping company to get the fair price to get it shipped without compromising on the time of delivery or the quality part of it.
▪ Clarity with the yacht shipping company: This is a very important point while you ship your yacht from one country to the destination of your choice. It would avoid further confusions in the deal at the time of shipment and delivery as well.

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