Shipping Boats Internationally

Buying a boat in our own country and sailing with pleasure is undoubtedly a point of pride. But shipping boat internationally can prove to be a daunting task. There are so many pit falls in between that we need to be very careful about. It requires skillful planning and meticulous research to ship your boats internationally.


There are lot of companies who are into the service of shipping boats internationally. To pick up the best out of it is a horrendous task. Look before you leap:

▪ Take a survey of the companies which do shipping boat internationally
▪ Take enough time and home work before shipping boat internationally
▪ Have an exact measurement and the picture of your boat (features and specifications) before you approach shipper.
▪ Come to an agreement with the shipping company before your boat shipping internationally.
▪ Decide on the packaging: Whether it has to be shrink-wrapped while shipping internationally.
▪ Insurance part of the shipping.

Movement Specifications
You need to decide upon how your boat is to be shipped. While shipping boat internationally, the owner has to decide whether it is to be shipped on its own trailer or the one provided by the company shipping boat internationally. The owner has the privilege of selecting a full container which accommodates only your boat if it is of small size. If it is of extraordinary size, there is a provision of choosing a flat track method which gives more protection while shipping boat internationally.

Nevertheless, choosing the right shipper who is competent in shipping boat internationally is the pivotal part of the whole exercise. Please do get in touch with us when you are in need of shipping boat internationally. We are connected to all sea routs.