Overseas Boat Transport

Planning to transport your boat overseas? Well it can turn out to be quite a laborious task indeed. Right from identifying a trusted service provider for overseas boat transport, to taking possession of the boat at the port of destination, overseas boat transport can prove to be a real challenge.


Proper planning and a little bit of homework can help you resolve most of the hurdles that you might face in the process of arranging overseas boat transport. Let’s take a look at some of the important things that you should care of while making arrangements for an overseas boat transport:

* Measure your yacht or boat properly before approaching an overseas boat transport service provider. This will help you get the best possible quote.
* Do thorough background checks on the overseas boat transport service provider before finalizing the deal. Verify their credentials with the concerned authorities.
* Ensure that you get your boat surveyed from a qualified insurance surveyor. This will help you a great deal in case you have to approach insurance companies with a claim later on.
* Checkout if the overseas boat transport service provider will assist you with customs and other clearance formalities at the port of unloading. It would be wise to get accurate information on custom duties and other obligations.
* Make sure you get all the terms and conditions agreed upon in writing. The best option is to make a contract between you and the overseas boat transport service provider.
* The golden rule of any contract “Read the fine print”. Do spend time to scan through the fine print of your contract or agreement with the overseas boat transport service provider.

The above mentioned pointers that can help you avoid unpleasant situations to a great deal. Above all use your prudence and do not make hasty decisions based on offers or cheap prices alone. Please, fill out the Online Quote Request form to submit your request.