International Boat Shippers

There are umpteen number of international boat shippers spread all over the world. But one should be very careful while doing the same. Being an established name in this segment, we believe that it is our onus to keep our prospective clients posted the important facts of the same.


▪ Take enough time to plan before your boat gets shipped.
▪ Choose a professional international boat shipper who is experienced in shipping your kind of boats.
▪ Proper communication with your international boat shippers is a must.
▪ Take exact measurement of your boat by overall length, width and height of it.
▪ Payment terms with the international boat shipper – How and when it is to be done
▪ Make sure that you empty the fuel from the boat before it is shipped for safety reasons.
▪ You must remove other items which are not supposed to be attached with shipment, if there are any.
▪ Shrink- wrapping is not always recommendable. Chances of tearing it off are more while in transit.

Some other additional instructions while selecting an international boat shipper are:
1. The cargo can move as one piece – the boat can be on its own trailer or cradle provided by the international boat shipper.
2. Enclosed container- This is a full container vessel which accommodates your boat if it is of slandered size.
3. Flat Track- This is normally used for oversized boats. A flat rack is used to hold your boat.

Check the experience and credibility of the international boat shippers in this line of service. We have given these tips only on an academic interest and with a good intend to give you an insight to international boat shippers and their operations. We know how important your boat to you and the financial and sentimental value attached to it. So as a reputed organization in this field of activity, we are there to give you the best and most honest quote for your boat to get shipped hassle-free.