Boat Moving Abroad

The best option for boat moving abroad is to sail it. But when you find it a problem then it is best to approach a reliable shipping company who provide boat moving abroad services. Since we have been into marine transporting – Boat moving abroad, we will be able to provide tailor made solutions suited to your needs.


Before you enter into a deal, you need to know the options available for secure boat moving abroad. Basically, there are three ways to move your boat abroad.
▪ Boat trucking;
▪ Delivery skipper;
▪ Shipping by ocean transport

Boat trucking
This is the cheapest and the best option if the distance is a few hundred miles and of course there is proper road connectivity between the points of transportation from one country to another. It is rather flexible too in the case of timing and reduces the chance of getting wear and tear to a great extent. If the boat is not trailerable, you may need to hire big trucks. You need to be very cautious while selecting the right boat movers because some might entice you, quoting unbelievably low rates. Do not get carried away by that. This is where a reputed transporter like us can be of assistance to you.

Delivery skippers
This is another method for boat moving abroad. It is like handing over your boat to a captain, relying on his expertise, to have your boat sailed safely from one point to another. Even if you entrust this job with a reputed firm, it is one captain who takes care of your boat moving abroad – the skipper. Most of the time these delivery skippers are professionals and we can fully rely on them .At the same time you need to know the condition of your boat moving abroad. They charge you at per mile rate which could be negotiated. Needless to mention, an inept skipper or an unmaintained boat could lead to the complicated situations.

Shipping by Ocean Transport
This is one of the most reliable and safest modes of your boat moving abroad. There are two major ways to transport your boat by a vessel. Ship as freight Specifically designed vessels If you ship your boat moving abroad by way of freight, it is like shipping any other goods in ocean containers. Other vessel do not use any containers at all. Ships are normally designed in such a way that it can accommodate many boats at a stretch. The only drawback is unlike freight services, only a few ports all over the world are properly connected by means of this transport system.

Aforesaid are the available means of moving boats abroad. Since we are adept in this area of transportation, all you need to do is just give us a call, we will take it forward from there. Please, fill out the Online Quote Request form to submit your request.