Overseas Vehicle Shipping

An important aspect of moving into a foreign country is investing in overseas vehicle shipping. There are three main aspects to consider before choosing the mode of transportation for the vehicle.


Types of Shipping
The first thing that you consider in overseas vehicle shipping is the type of transport that is available. Generally people going for overseas vehicle shipping come across three options.

1. Container Shipping: this is usually considered the safest the most cost effective way of overseas vehicle shipping. The cars are packed in containers and are sailed to the destination.
2. Roll-on/Roll-off Shipping: this is also an economical choice for overseas vehicle shipping as the vehicles are placed in a ship to be transported without a container. It is feasible for short routes like from Gulf coasts to Europe. The safety aspect will be compromised here because the vehicles are not packed and there are more chances of damage and theft.
3. Air Shipping: this is the fastest and the most expensive choice for overseas vehicle shipping and is mostly used for high-valued vehicles. The vehicles are packed carefully in containers or just placed inside freight planes securely to be transported to the destination.

Customs Awareness
After looking into the choices for overseas vehicle shipping, the next thing is to get aware of the Customs. Every country has their own rules set for vehicles coming in the country. Clearance documents, statements of origin, certificate of title, declarations and bill of lading might be required at this point. It is important to understand these requirements by seeking help from overseas vehicle shipping professionals.

Charges Incurred
Third and the most important thing that also effects the choice of overseas vehicle shipping is the charges incurred. There is definitely the cost of overseas vehicle shipping by the company according to the destination. Other types of charges include loading/unloading, import customs, clearance fees, taxes and duties. The overseas vehicle shipping companies will provide a quote for all the incurring charges for you to choose the most feasible option of overseas vehicle shipping.