Overseas Automobile Shipping

When researching the most feasible option for overseas automobile shipping it is not only the mode of shipping that determines the overall cost of transportation. Several other factors also contribute to increasing the overall expenses. As overseas automobile shipping requires vehicles to be transported to a different country it is bound to incur the charges and duties applied according to the law of that country.


To estimate overseas automobile shipping cost the following factors need to be looked into for a generalized idea.

One important factor in cost estimation is the distance that needs to be covered. Cargo like vehicles takes time to be delivered. During the transportation route the vehicle will touch different country points and will be delayed for clearance. For overseas automobile shipping the transportation companies will pay certain fee to the officials for quick clearance process. This will add several hundred dollars to the overall cost.

Freight Charges
The overseas automobile shipping company will collect charges for ocean freight from export terminal to import terminal, loading freight and picking up freight from destination. This cost can be reduced if the loading and unloading is taken care of by the owner.

Destination Charges
For overseas automobile shipping the destination charges will include the agent handling charges, unloading charges, import customs clearance fees and any other taxes for making the vehicle legal to operate.

Mode of Shipping
If the overseas automobile shipping is done through container or isolated packaging then charges for the container or packaging will also be added to the overall cost. Air transport may be quick but will be the most expensive mode of transportation than sea transport for overseas automobile shipping.