Overseas Auto Shipping

Rates and charges involved in overseas auto shipping depend on the type of shipping mode chosen. Different rates apply to container shipping and to roll-on/roll-off shipping. No matter whichever option is chosen there is always risk of damage and theft of the vehicle since it is not being shipped under constant surveillance. To overcome such concerns overseas auto shipping insurance can help.


This type of insurance coverage can protect car against theft or physical damage during land and sea transport. There are two types of coverage provided for overseas auto shipping: all-risk coverage and total-loss-only coverage.

All-Risk Insurance
This type of insurance for overseas auto shipping includes coverage of all the damage that have been caused during the transport. Damages like dent, scratches, ripped paint, broken windows, theft, fire damage and other types are covered for overseas auto shipping in this case. Because it is covering all kinds of damages that can occur during overseas auto shipping it is more expensive than the total-loss-only insurance. In case of claims by customer the insurance company will be requiring the proof of the damage. Usually for overseas auto shipping it is advisable to insure the vehicle for actual real value plus the cost of freight.

Total-Loss-Only Insurance
This is less expensive than all-risk insurance for overseas auto shipping. In total-loss-only insurance the coverage occurs for damage that has been caused by the transport and has resulted in total loss of the vehicle. For example if the container woth the car disappears or is completely damaged and so is the vehicle – only in this case the claim can be made. This type of insurance for overseas auto shipping does not cover any other claims of damage to the vehicle like dents or scratches. This is better to have when there is fear of theft during overseas auto shipping.