International Vehicle Shipping

Find out the costs involved in international vehicle shipping, also consider few facts if it is cost effective.


1. An international vehicle shipping company is the best gateway to transport cars into another foreign country. This is a single point information center to gather knowledge on shipping cost, duty, tax, custom clearing charges or any other form of duties related.

2. Respective Embassy in USA or Customs authority in the country of destination will be of distinct source of information such as customs procedures, taxes, duties and so on. There are special departments in the embassy engaged in trade and international vehicle shipping related issues.

3. Be sure if a new registration and compliance certificate is needed or not after the international vehicle shipment. In some foreign countries the process to issue a new registration and compliance certificate is very high.

4. A car engine of 3000 cc or more will not get its full performance in most South Asian cities. Roads and highways are narrow, damaged and full of slow moving vehicles. Buying a smaller car or using public transport is a far better cost effective option than international vehicle shipping.

5. In Middle Eastern countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE buying a car is very expensive. But these countries have the least price on gas. For this the service of international vehicle shipping is totally appropriate here to transport the car.