International Car Shipping

List of essential documents required for international car shipping:


  • Car Ownership Document (Vehicle Title): Clearly detailing the car owner’s name, contact address, title and VIN number, issue date, expiry/renew date (if applicable).


  • Car details: A form containing the car’s color, type, tire size, engine number, engine type and CC, number of seats, etc. is required for international car shipping. This is provided by the car manufacturer.


  • Authorization: A duly signed authorization letter from the shipper (or lien holder) authorizing the freight forwarder or international car shipping company to carry the cargo to the destination country.


  • PSI: The international car shipping company will also need a pre-shipment inspection certificate (PSI) according to the standards of the destination country. Usually it is the inspection/audit report provided by an approved body – certifying that the car owner’s shipment declaration is correct.


  • Insurance: Some country’s customs authority requires mandatory insurance on the imported goods. Absence of which causes a heavy duty levied upon. Usually the insurance coverage is born by the consignee. So, this document might also be needed by the international car shipping company at the time of customs clearance.


  • Certificate of origin: Customs authorities in some countries require a certificate of origin to determine if the imported item was made in a friendly country in which they have existing diplomatic ties and trade relations.


  • Bill of lading, Invoice, Packing List: These are also needed in international car shipping for customs clearance.